Hello there - I'm Tony!
I'm a problem solver with a broad range of experience in engineering, 3D design, manufacturing, and video production. I'm also a licensed Commercial sUAS (drone) Operator.
I'm a mechanical engineer and creative at heart. I've spent the better part of my career learning to understand problems and behaviors in business and craft tools and experiences that people use and love.
I like to explore the line between engineering and art; I believe that if a tool can look as good as it functions, it should.
Some of the things I work on:
•    3D Design & Modeling
•    3D Printing
•    Aerial Data & Imagery
•    Technology R&D
•    Adobe Creative Suite
•    Process Improvement
•    Project Management
•    Technology Integration
•    Video Production
•    Business Analysis
•    Portfolio Management
•    Reality Capture
•    Point Cloud Management
•    Visual Storytelling
•    Web Development
•    Content Management
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